Hypernova is a series of works that fits into several themes such as cyberpunk and science fiction. Through these works I put in scene the founding deities of a universe that I created. This universe would be a parallel universe to ours having been shaped by mysterious divinities, who were themselves missioned by an unknown superior entity with the capacity to cause the big bang. These deities intervene during the last phase of expansion of the universe and their mission is to stabilize it and to put order in the chaos of the forces which reign there. Each deity has a specificity and through this collection I invite the viewer to discover each of them through works that feature them. Hypernova lays the foundations of a complex universe on which a certain number of works will be laid.

Deity name : Collapstar

Faculty :  With a gesture of his right hand he gives birth to the most sparkling stars. With a gesture of his left hand, he extinguishes the most ardent fires.  He is also able to alter atoms and matter thanks to the powerful nuclear reactions he is able to generate. On his body we can see the reflection of each star to which he has given life throughout his existence.

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