The techniques used to create these works are the use of AI midjourney that I use to generate a basic image on which I will work in photoshop thanks to photomanipulation and editing as well as the use of 3D with blender to create the abstract and robotic elements that I will integrate to the characters and the scene. Kalos Kagathos takes place in a universe composed of Divinities called "Admins" and angels half human half machine called "Iron Phalanxes".  Through these works I depict the events, the characters and the different challenges faced by the individuals who compose this universe in the same way as the historical paintings of the renaissance.
Ordo , Kaos & Satera attacking the iron Phalanx Sineli by taking the control of his ichor.
AI / photomanipulation / 3D
The classic version is for those who prefer sobriety, the work in its raw form. Here only the artwork is present without any other extra element.
The graphic design version is for those who have a pronounced interest in graphic design and who like the mixture between the aesthetics of the renaissance and that of modern graphic design, all overhung by a typography in harmony with the general composition.
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