F3rrofluid is a project that aims to create a bridge between art and digital fashion. The goal was to create an art direction that was both clean and complex with a balance of abstract shapes, texture and light from the scene. This collection was minted on my own smart contract created with the Manifold studio tool. The collection will be updated over time with new artworks and their outfits.  The collection offers to each collector 2 utilities which are :

- The possibility to receive an airdrop containing a 4k resolution video loop of the outfit that was used in the artwork it accompanies. The format of this video is adapted to the infinite object format for those who would like to get a physical version of it or the main artwork.
- The second use, is the possibility for the creator to have a photo of his choice retouched of him/her wearing the outfit that was airdropped. For this I would contact each collector to make the proposal.

Voici les 3  tenues que jai designé, modelisé et utilisé dans les artworks en dessous. de gauche a droite il y a : " Ranger outfit " , " Silver back outfit " & " Cold flow outfit "
Artwork : "Cypher"  / Outfit : " Ranger "
" The creator's instinct is his best friend. Let it accompany you, let it help you make the right decisions, let it help you reach your full potential. "
" Inspired on technwear fashion, this outfit mixes sobriety and eccentricity thanks to its rigid kevelar shoulder pads. "

Artwork : "Cypher"  / Outfit : " Silver back outfit "
Keep your head above water and continue your long walk to the destination that only you knows.

" This outfit is inspired by the silverback gorilla. Nature is an endless source of inspiration. Its quilted nylon jacket and pants provide optimal comfort ".  

Artwork : " Move with God's blood "  / Outfit : " Rainbow flow "
" Let it flow, follow its course, learn to dance and move with it. Trust it and let it determine your next move. "
The " Cold flow outfit " is an eccentric outfit, focused on abtract wear. The top has circular holes that reveal the body of the wearer. The pants when has him composed of fabric type TPU translucent 137 mm overhung with an iridescent coating.

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