Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my latest series of artwork "Chromatic shine", talk about what pushed me to create it and explain why my work will change from now on.
The more time goes by the more the practice I had seemed mainstream, I felt like if I didn't question it I would just drown my work in a mass of content without a singular identity that looks the same.Social networks are full of people who do pretty much the same thing as me but better. So I started to look elsewhere, to see how far I could move the cursor while making sure that the artworks that result looks like me.
I had the same mindeset for the previous collection "HYPERNOVA". Then I asked myself what defines my art, what makes people recognize my artistic identity.And the characteristic that I think makes my work recognizable is my use of chrome and the way I stage it through abstract forms. From there I set out to push this cursor to the maximum to see what artistic result I could get.
Moreover I wanted to get out of the portrait side and to give more space to the forms, to the environment and even to a narrative. After several failures and tests of all kinds these three pieces were born.I don't know yet if I'll stay on this editorial line for a long time but in any case I really enjoyed creating these artworks. Giving them this 80's / Hajime Sorayama aesthetic etc , but beyond that they allowed me to see more clearly in the chaos of my mind. Thank you for reading. 

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