Argentum Comet
Argentum Comet, the cosmic warrior, carries within him a mysterious blessing from a superior divinity. Eons ago, when he was wandering through the valleys of desolate worlds in the far reaches of the cosmos, a far superior deity granted him a drop of his own blood as a sign of gratitude, although the reason remains unknown. This drop of shimmering silver was unlike anything else in existence. It had a conscience of its own and a will to protect. Now invulnerable thanks to ichor, the drop of divine blood, Argentum Comet has become a god among the stars.

Blender + Photoshop

Once a turn, if you haven't attacked this turn, you can activate Argentum Comet's invulnerability effect using the 'Blood of the Sparkling Gods' magic card. Until the end of the turn, it is impenetrable and cannot be destroyed in combat. However, if 'Argentum Comet' attacks this turn, it must wait until the following turn to activate this effect again, even when using 'Blood of the Sparkling Gods'. This card embodies the promise of unshakeable defense, but only if attacking is not the first option.
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