Admin : Novrek / Outfit : Niflheim

In a distant and desolate future, where the world is a frozen and inhospitable landscape, NOVREK, a lonely and introspective individual, tries to survive. The demons that inhabit his mind reveal themselves through a cacophony of complex and contradictory thoughts, pushing him to constantly struggle against himself and his identity.

NOVREK wanders this unforgiving world, wearing a mysterious outfit called NIFLHEIM, which seems to protect him from the rigors of this new, icy hell. His steps lead him tirelessly through these hostile lands in search of a meaning to his life, of a goal that could justify his existence.

In the shadow of NOVREK, the strange mount SLEIPNIR accompanies him. Together, they roam the frozen lands, facing snowstorms and the dangers that lurk behind every ice dune

- Model : @altered___vision

- Cloth design : @altered___vision & @tokyoflesh

- 3D : @tokyoflesh

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